HMX Jelly Switch Impression and Sound Test Video

HMX Jelly Switch Impression and Sound Test Video

HMX Jelly is the newest entry from Soulcat and SPM Studio, after we got them few weeks ago ,I have personally tried them for a couple days, the first impression of the switch is kinda what i have expected from HMX

Build Quality

HMX switches , or any modern switches from recent years are all very well built , the Jelly are no exception with minimal stem wobble and tight housing , filming them imo are not neccessary. 

Actuation Force and Feel

The HMX Jelly switch features a very low actuation force of 42grams, which is quite common in the HMX switch line up with bottom out force of 48g. This actuation weight with 22mm long spring provides a very light resistance but snappy feel that makes typing less fatiguing though the light actuation for some heavy typers might be an issue for misinput. The factory lube is very consistent and the switch is pleasantly smooth.   ****spring weight deviation +-5g


One of the notable characteristics of the HMX Jelly switch is its relatively muted or deeper sounding compared to other HMX Switches, even when compared to the HMX Changlan V2 which is deeper sound but less muted comapared to the HMX Jelly.


  • Transparent Top housing , good for rgb shinethrough = extra FPS 


  • Not clack and loud which is more popular right now 
  • Lower actuation force may not be suitable for everyone.
  • May require adjustment for typists used to normal weight spring like 60 gram and above.

Overall its a switch out of the box and good for lazy people like me whos too lazy to lube and film switches nowadays. also very nice colour, green enjoyer will like them.

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