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Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC Hall Effect Switches Fully Assembled Hot-Swap Keyboard [Cream Yellow Magnetic Switches]

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Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC Hall Effect Switches Fully Assembled Hot-Swap Keyboard [Cream Yellow Magnetic Switches] Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Akko’s 1st keyboard with magnetic switches, and backwardly compatible with 3-pin mechanical switches.

It has everything that comes with MOD007 PC.

Furthermore, with magnetic switches, you can customize the actuation distance for gaming.

Rapid Trigger √

Dynamic Keystrokes √

Note: Please only use Akko Setup to manage the keyboard. 

• Dynamic Keystrokes (DKS)

- Pressing a key can trigger four different key operations.

Depending on your keypress force: a light press triggers action 1, a deeper press activates action 2, and releasing the key also supports a two-stage key setting.

• On-board Memory 

- Settings are stored on the hardware, and there is no need to activate the software in the background.

• Hall Effect Sensors 

- Ultra-accurate typing experiences adjustable in 0.1mm.

Applying for the electromagnetic principle, operated by Hall effect sensing.

• Rapid Trigger (RT)

- Rapid Trigger removes any delay caused by the physical movement of the switch. Instead of relying on a fixed actuation like conventional mechanical keyboards, it immediately activates and deactivates the key with minimal travel, which is ideal for FPS gaming.

•PBT Dye-Sub Keycaps 

-Made through dye-sub process with durable PBT

materials that legends will not fade easily.

•Compatible with regular magnetic switches and 3-pin mechanical switches 

- The magnetic switches adopted Hall effect sensor, making great advances in faster and more precise key triggers comparing to traditional mechanical switches.

Switches Parameter

Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switch

-Type: Linear

-Operating Force: 50gf ± 10gf

-Total Travel: 4.0mm

-Pre-Travel: 2.0 ± 0.5mm

Package Included

-Keycap Puller

-Switch Puller

-USB-C cable

-User Manual

-Dust Cover


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