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Corepad Skatez - Universal Skates

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Corepad Skatez for Universal Skates


Corepad Skatez are custom-made replacement mouse feet for gamers, high-end users and experienced users.

Are your original mouse feet worn out or does your mouse no longer glide so well over your mouse pad? No problem: Corepad Skatez provide a quick and efficient remedy here.

Corepad Skatez Universal are for everyone who is interested and for whom we don't have any suitable mouse feet on offer. With a bit of skill and a pair of scissors, you can cut the replacement feet that fit your mouse yourself. The Corepad Skatez Universal are large enough for any mouse, even large mouse feet can be easily cut.

Corepad Skatez are made of 100% pure quality PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene - colloquially this plastic is often referred to by the trade name Teflon® from Dupont™) and thus offer excellent sliding properties with high resilience. The static friction coefficient is below 0.06µ and thus far below that of sliding friction.

The extremely smooth surface of the Corepad Skatez reduces or almost completely eliminates the unpleasant "stick-slip". The reduction in friction creates improved accuracy when gaming and working with your mouse. One almost believes that the mouse "flies" over the mousepad without any resistance. This hitherto unbeatable effect of PTFE gives the user not only optimized accuracy but also increased ergonomics and less tiring performance when playing and working. Finally you get the decisive advantage over your opponent in the game. But even if you use your mouse all day at work or at home, you can use the mouse more efficiently with the Corepad Skatez and protect your wrist.

Another positive side effect of the application that should not be underestimated is that the wear and tear of the mouse pad used is reduced and this is better protected against wear and tear, thus extending the life of the pad - i.e. using the Corepad Skatez pays off twice!

Package Contents

A piece of 7cm x 10 xm Corepad Skatez Universal to cut yourself, instructions

UNIVERSAL DOTS - Thickness 0.75mm:-


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