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Esports Tiger

Esports Tiger Wuxiang 2 (North, West, East, South) Mousepad

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RM 156.00
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The Wuxiang 2 Series from Esports Tiger is specially coated with Rainbow Pearl Film to enhanced the speed of the mousepad making Wuxiang 2 Series one of the fastest mousepad from Esports Tiger. Design With Legends from ancient Chinese tradition on the mousepad, making it a unique but yet full of performance. Competitive Esport Gamers especially the one looking for style and performance would truly fall in love with Wuxiang 2.

The Black tortoise design is inspired by Xuan Wu, The water god of ancient Chinese mythology.

The East dragon, known in Chinese myth as "Qing Loong" is one of power creature that represent East -Guarding

The Vermilion Bird "Zhu Que" symbolizes summer and fire & is a creature of ancient Chinese legend. Its Design was mainly with crimson along clouds to display the momentum of the divine bird soaring thousands upon thousands of miles high in the sky.

The White tiger is a symbol of autumn & represent Gold in ancient Chinese traditions. As one legend has it, he straddles the mountains with his domineering posture in full display to show off his God of War Status. The design gives off an autumn vibe that you will just fall in love with its nature Mountain & valley inspired.


  • Coating: Rainbow-Pearl Film
  • Material: Coating
  • Base: Natural Rubber Foam
  • Slip Resistance: Figure-Eight Anti-Slip Shading
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Flexibility: Can Be Curled
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Dimension: 480 x 400 x 3mm
  • Note: Can be wiped not, not machined washed/ washed.


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